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Looking forward to the 2019 season!

The 2018 season seems like it came to a close a lifetime ago! At the same time the 2019 season seems like a long way off still! I stopped at the race shop the other day and it was a reminder that the crews work never stops no matter how long the off season is.

The week the cars come off track for the last time starts a long process of tearing everything apart and rebuilding. The goal is to do everything we can to find more reliability, more speed, reduce weight (trying to shave off as much weight as we can on the SCCA cars for 2019), better the aerodynamics, etc. On my side of the fence, we launched the new, for a better experience for our fans. Easier navigation, the blog, tying our Instagram pictures into the site, it was a much needed facelift. We have been looking at new equipment to bring you better pictures from the track. Working with partners to plan their 2019 activities and how we can better engage them with fans at the track.

The 2019 season marks my 20th season with the team. Our line up of partners has remained pretty constant and a majority of our crew has remained the same. Several guys who stepped back at some point in their life have come back for a second go round with the team. We have a dedicated, hard working, amazing group of talent that prepares these cars and makes sure they are performing at their optimum. While we are just an amateur race team, it takes a LOT behind the scenes to be able to show up on a race weekend and run up front.

It's easy to say partners but we truly have partners. Kohler and their engineering and service machine team helping with engines. Millennium helping build and strengthen engine parts. Ballistic developing batteries to run all the on-board electronics while helping cut weight. Cyclo has the best chemicals that help us clean and care for the cars as well as products that help hold parts together as we assemble the engines. Hoosier Tire and their amazing engineers and staff who make phenomenal tires that help with performance on track. And our newest partner Redpaw Dog Food. No the cars don't run on dog food but their support helps ensure all the little details are covered throughout the season.

2019 has the potential to be a highly successful year for Wynnfurst Racing in both the SCCA and our Vintage Car events. We are finalizing our schedule as I write this and hope to post our updated season schedule soon. We hope to see you at a race this year! If you can't make a race, follow us on Facebook for pictures from the event weekends. Follow our YouTube channel for videos from the racecars. Most importantly, if you enjoy the sights and sounds of our cars be sure to tell others about Wynnfurst Racing.

Here's to the 2019 season! Going to be one fun ride!


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